it's funny to see how we are connected. not. "awkward" is more like it.

we were standing, facing each other, and suddenly reality threw itself in front of us. we were in the middle of clueless crowd, they know nothing about us. i don't know whether you know or not, i myself know but still didn't expect that kind of revelation will come. i felt the room warped and the people blurred. it was just the two of us, looking at each other, awkwardly containing ourselves while the fact seeped silently to the back of our heads.

we are connected.
we've seen the subtle connection we have.
we cannot deny it (anymore).

and i wish i wasn't trained to observe and interpret so i didn't have to see your hesitation to hug me. i was late by milliseconds, though, so i still hugged you. it felt different and it broke my heart. we used to be heartwarmed hugging each other.

we saw our new connection and it severed our former connection. funny, isn't it?

so, well..
i... apologize.
you are still one of the people i really like.
whatever positive comment i say about you is sincere, it's not said out of my guilty feeling.
i like you. i really do.

oh and you're still at it, by the way. one point ahead of me. having all the privilege i wish i had. don't worry. you're still at it. take a good care of it.

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