hey you,

i'm doing fine without you but i just realize that i did all things better when you're around there. ah, you were not around and you were not even near but i know you were there - over skype connection at the end of my day. sometimes we skipped few days or so but i still know you were there and i will talk to you eventually.

i just realized that talking with you somehow keeps my mind clear and sharp, no matter how heavy my workload is and how rough my days are. you are my dose of sanity. you are my anchor. you are not there anymore.

oh but i'm doing fine without you. just need some time to figure out how i used to function at my best, back then before you touched my life.

i know i'm not the only one who feel this loss, and i hope you deal with it better than me.

take care, you.
- me

i didn't cry reading 27daysofheartbreak.wordpress.com but i end up writing this, so the posts are powerful indeed. very well done, @k0nnyaku :)

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