I didn't know when I texted you.
I really didn't.

But then I saw it.
And I feel sad.
Maybe it's true. I even said it to you once, or twice.
But, still..
Seeing you describe yourself that way is heartbreaking.
Then I checked the other source.
Exactly like I predicted, you changed it too. Not as obvious, but still.
Talk about pattern, eh.

And then I couldn't sleep.
All I wanted to do is text you, "Hey.. 'Sup?"
And offer you a hug. Or a smile. Or an ice cream. Like how a good friend would do.
But somehow I felt like giving up. We are a lost cause.
(Whaaaatttt? Did I just realize that last night? Where have I been?)
And so I did nothing.
We are a lost cause. But a tiny bit of myself still refuses to give up.

You didn't tell me to stop.
So I haven't.
But maybe I should learn to.
Or not?

Ah, whatever.
Be well soon :)

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