Have Faith

Dear Self,

Do you remember how Little Miss Perfect reacted to what hit her and how you were bewildered when you heard how she questioned her fate? Do you remember how you promised that you won't stoop that low?

Now is the time to fulfill that promise.

Allah never overestimates, you silly.. Haha.. If He gives you this, then it means you're able to get through. You may think you're not all that, but what do you know? Meanwhile... He knows. Now come on! Have more faith in yourself and keep your faith in Allah. Remember that "buat Allah segalanya gampang aja" and "pertolongan Allah selalu dekat".

Still not convinced yet? Aaaigoo, you stubborn you! *toyor*
Let's look back to what you did when you heard those "news" these past few days. 
*rolling clips of scenes from 22 April to 1 May*
Hmm.. See? Nah! See that? And that one.. And another one. Aaaand even this one.
Okay. Now we already saw that in those tight situations you were able to think clearly and did what you had to do. And you do know that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, right? So rest assured that you'll be able to do it again. And again. And again. All the way until you finish your thesis and graduate. 

Feel better already? Good! :D

Have faith and keep fight.
Fight more, fear less, stay focused.
Keep fight and you'll win.
And remember.. you're not alone :)

All the best for us!

PS: Recite "Allahumma yassir wa laa tu'assir" and "Allahumma inni a'udzubika minal hammi wal hazan, wa a'udzubika minal ajzi wal kasal" more often ya :)

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